Environmental Management System (ISO14001)

Well-defined principles and clear objectives

During our daily operations from design to production, we take up social responsibilities with a view to minimising the impact on the environment. We makes continuous improvements in the prevention of pollution, energy saving, wastage control and recycling.

We fully understand the importance of environmental management. We educate our employees about the importance of environmental protection and environmental friendly production. We take up social responsibilities, and cooperate with outside organisations to contribute our best to the protection of the environment of EVA and the Earth.

Well-developed system and effective implementation

Our environmental management system is well developed and operates in accordance with international standards. We were accredited with ISO14001: 1996 certification by the BSI group in 2003, which was upgraded to ISO14001: 2004 certification in 2007. As the international standards for environmental protection is continuously being upgraded, our environment management system also improves accordingly. Since the establishment of EVA, we have strictly complied with the relevant laws and standards. Therefore, no incident causing environmental damages has ever occurred.

Social responsibilities for environmental protection

"Preventing pollution, treasuring the resources, loving the Earth and beautifying the environment" are our values, obligations and missions!

Environmental and hazardous substances management (WEEE and RoHS)

Well-developed systems and clear objectives

We developed our own environmental management system using the requirements of ISO9001: 2000, ISO14001: 2004, WEEE and RoHS as the foundation. We implement stringent controls on all manufacturing procedures covering the purchases of raw materials, production and deliveries. If necessary, we will take our products to the relevant authorities for environment protection testing. At present, all suppliers and production partners have entered into RoHS agreements with us and submit their product testing reports to us regularly. At the same time, we have also entered into agreements with our customers for not using toxic and hazardous substances in our production processes with a view to achieving our environmental management objectives. Our objectives for environmental protection are as follows:

Not to purchase products containing toxic and hazardous substances!

Not to manufacture products containing toxic and hazardous substances!

Not to sell products containing toxic and hazardous substances!

Accolades from customers

With a view to complying international standards, we have been continuously improving our management systems together with our customers. We upgrade our management systems continuously and therefore we received various accreditations from customers. We were awarded with the "Certificate of Green Activity" from Canon in 2004 and the certificate for chemical substances management (CMS) standard from Ricoh in 2005.